Saturday, June 2, 2007

Acropolis Athens all decoration removing to museums

UNESCO asks sculptures for the restoration of the monument according international laws. Greek government never asks officially restoration. Private interrests asking the remain decoration to be stored in the new museum that destroyed antiquities in archaeological area Makriyanni. There is protection solution in the free space for Acropolis by professor Skoulikidis but marbles start to be removed from the rock to the building

Friday, June 1, 2007

VOTE Were do you believe is the proper place for Parthenon Marbles?


Were do you believe is the proper place for marbles of Parthenon?
1. Back on the monument according UNESCO decision 1982 ? (Reincorporation of the Monument)
2. Housed in modern giant Acropolis New Museum that destroyed important archaeological findings? ( Removal, Disfiguration of the Monument )
3. Remain housed at British Museum? (Removal, Disfiguration of the Monument )
4. Don't know
5. Don't care, not interrested
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World Heritage Committee Mexico 1982 Recomendation No 55

Motiono by Acropolis

Acropolis Athens 1955 the monument as you will never see it again!

Giant cranes to relay Acropolis marbles to new museumATHENS (AFP) - Sculptures considered masterpieces of Greek Classical art -- such as the Parthenon friezes and the Erechtheion's renowned Caryatids -- are to be lifted by a relay of three cranes from their current location, a small museum dug into the Acropolis rock in the late 19th century.

"This is a historic undertaking, never before attempted in the world," Culture Minister George Voulgarakis told a news conference.

The cranes will deposit the fifth century BC pieces -- some of whom weigh over two tonnes -- onto the roof of the new museum, a distance of 300 metres (yards) downhill.

The operation is expected to cost around eight million euros (10.7 million dollars) and last between three and four months.

"Our criterion was the safety of the fragmnets and the protection of the site, not the cost," Voulgarakis said.

Before leaving the Acropolis rock for the first time in their history, the pieces will be carefully packaged in 17 iron containers of various types and sizes, Voulgarakis said...

Acropolis Museum an intensional destruction